31 January 2017

Bubble Witch Saga

31 December 2014


Welcome to Bubble Witch Saga Tips, Tricks & Coins.

Developed by King Online games, Bubble Witch Saga
 takes you through Witch Country and the Shadowlands.

Accompanied by the three witches, Hazel, Selma & Luna,
and assisted by their three cats Baroness, 
Wilbur and and Morris, you'll burst your way past 
poison spiders, bombs, deadly viruses and 
morphing bubbles.

This site was built to give you all the help you need in
 your quest to release the realm from the shadow lords.

 If you find this site helpful please let us know 
by clicking the "like" button on the right.

Look at the menus both sides of this page to find level 
guides containing videos and screenshots. 

There are also tips and tricks to help you pass the 
various levels, and free software relevant to playing
 many online games.

Last but not least are the coin links along the top. 
Shared by other players to help you buy Potions which 
make the levels a little easier.

Join Luna, Selma and Hazel now!
Click on the image below to play!

Or come and join the group, where you'll find other players as well as tips and chat about the game or anything else you'd like to talk about!

Click on THIS LINK to join.

03 October 2014

18 September 2014

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05 September 2014

BWS für PC/Laptop/Tablet und Handy

Bubble witch Saga (made by King)

BWS für PC/Laptop/Tablet und Handy bis Level 510 - BWS for PC / Laptop / Tablet and mobile phones to Level 510

BWS auf/on PC/Laptop

Bubble witch Saga für/for PC/Laptop

click on this link: Bubble witch Saga


BWS auf/on Handy / Mobile phone

Bubble witch Saga für/for Handy/ mobile phone

Click on this link: Bubble witch Saga

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